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OK i know that cold weather affects the lifespan of batteries but i
never thought i would get batteries that actually dont last as long as
another. I bought those Heavy Duty Batteries and they were horrible.
They lasted about half as long as alkaline batteries usually last and
that is in the same tempature! I wanted to warn everyone before yall
fall for the advertiseing hype of the Heavy Duty Batteries! Dont let
your kids down this christmas!
Yeah I learned the same thing about Heavy Duty batteries after I
invested a small fortune in them. I thought I was saving money by using
Heavy Duty batteries since they market them to be just as good as
alkaline. That is definitely wrong. I was changing batteries like
crazy. Then I heard a commercial on the radio about it and decided to
try the alkaline. I will never use Heavy Duty again.
Agreed, those heavy duty batteries are garbage compared to alkalines
pure and simple. For example if you put alkalines in flashlight B and
heavy duty ones in flashlight A you'd get

Flashlight A
Battery won't last as long if unused for a prolonged amount of time
If battery is exposed to hotter or colder temps it will shorten it's
life considerably
Flashlight will grow more and more dim over time
Flashlight won't last as long during prolonged use

Flashlight B
Battery lasts longer over prolonged amount of time when not in use
Batter operates much better in hotter and colder temps
Flashlight will never go dim
Will last 4 times longer during prolonged use
Exactly what kind of batteries are we talking about here? Are these
another type of alkaline battery? Or the new oxyride batteries from
Japan? Something else?


Never use Heavy Duty batteries!!! They don't last long at all...
I learned my lesson with my kids toys, I was constantly changing and
buying new batteries.

"Heavy Duty" is a new name for an old technology.
Heavy Duty batteries are just carbon-zinc batteries
with slightly better process technology than 30 years ago.
Their shelf life is crap.
Your batteries were probably half dead
before you got them home.*-*-*-*-duty