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Binford 7000 Light controller.


Scott Wiper

Jan 1, 1970
Fred Bloggs
I am keeping botrh timer sections for the reason that I want to have a dark out of reset function so that The 5 hour delay starts when timer section a comes out of reset. For example if Ralay A shuts of at 6.45PM I want relays B to stay on exactly for exactly five hours after. To 11:45PM. I want a exact five hour delay regardless of Relay A out of reset on U2 U3 U4 U6 U9.

I have fixed my math error on U2 that is now 600HZ /10 giving me 60HZ. It's output on Pin 1 not Pin 3.

Sheet A

The 74LS273 will be on a 1HZ sample from the Q pin (Pin 1) on U13 so it won't "freeze" when U2 U3 U4 U6 U9 are in reset when the LDR is in full light.

Sheet B