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Boiler / Heater Upgrading the interface


Sep 17, 2014
Sep 17, 2014
Hi there!

I have an old boiler/heater (don't really know how to call it, English is not my native language), what happens at the moment is that when it requires human intervention a litle red light turns on, and i have to figure out why its on ( Old model)

I would like to do the following (in separate steps):

1. Receive an e-mail or Text Message (SMS), every time the light turns on

2. Having an on-demand pressure reading would be awesome

3. Having a small webserver where i can check all that info [I'm dreaming out loud here]

What's the easiest way to have this implemented? Arduino (I have some experience) or Raspberry PI ?

I have experience with electronics ( sensors and small circuits and repairs) and good programming experience (Pascal, C, Visual Basic)

My younger sister has some php experience, guess i have to find a way to bribe her or lern php myself (its about time).

Thanks allot for any tips and advises, I would consider it divine intervention if you link me similar projects :p