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Breakable/makeable IDC header connector, any knowledge?



Jan 1, 1970
Maker etc?
On a 2006 German Dynacord mixer amp. I've not seem them before, no name on
the exposed parts of the connector. 0.1 inch pitch ribbon.

views of connectors , same, both ends of the ribbon for photoing
convenience. top as found, pcb part, ribbon part internals
Black end pieces are just locators and for polarising,different
sizes/recesses, not gripping the white bits. Locking is done internally
somehow. Anyone know the professional way of unmaking these connectors? you
do not umake the second IDC connection, per pin, in the process of
I ended up using a knife blade and then jeweller's screwdriver to get
purchase between pcb and white part that goes down to pcb level, lacquer
damage can be seen in middle view. Perhaps a dentists sickle probe as a
lever into the small holes along the white part edge.