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Brink’s Home Security Wins Award From NBFAA


Nomen Nescio

Jan 1, 1970
Brink’s Home Security Wins First Line Of Defense Award From NBFAA

You got to be fucking kidding me? The homeowner should have received the award. Brinks skated past that one if you all know what I mean.

Sleepless In Irving Texas

Bob La Londe

Jan 1, 1970
Robert L Bass said:
From the description of events it sounds as though she would have been
better off just dialing 911 instead of pushing the panic button. The PD
would have been informed at least a couple of minutes sooner and there
wouldn't have been potentially lethal confrontation over the alarm.

Nonetheless, the association loves to grant those "awards."

Wow! That's just plane dishonest. I always instruct my clients that if
they are able to they are better off to dial 911 on their home telephone.
It puts them in direct connection with the people who can help them. I go
on to say panic buttons are only suitable when for some reason they can not
or it is unsafe to dial 911. Sounds like an initial call to 911 in this
case might have saved a life. Whether or not it was worth saving is a
philosophical debate I'll leave to those who are inclined to talk rather
than do. Or should I say those who don't understand that well done is
always better than well said.

Bob La Londe