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Broken stun guns (TASERs) wanted



Jan 1, 1970

I'm trying to get hold of some high voltage vacuum potted transformers
for research (self contained Lifter) purposes, and think I have found
a solution that is not particularly expensive.

What I've found is that stun guns (TASERs) use this very same
transformer but only cost a few pounds to buy if you know where to get

Here's what I need.

1) Obtain stun gun, broken, working or whatever
2) Disable it by damaging or cutting the PCB or similar, so it cannot
be repaired (so as not to get Customs&Excise down on me or the seller
like a ton of bricks) but not damaging the two power transformers.
3) Email testing_h@ (yahoo) (dot) com to tell me where to send the
Paypal payment
4) Post to my address (not in UK).

Can anyone help?

Don't worry, I won't ask where you got them, as far as I (and the
Govt) are concerned, a broken stun gun is just a collection of
components. They don't ban plasma lamps which use almost the same
parts so I don't expect any trouble in this department.