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Brother MFC-420CN - dead



Jan 1, 1970
An older gentleman in our church had this multi-function printer and I
told him I would look at it for him.

The main symptom is that the unit is dead, as in push the little power
button and nothing happens. My first thought was the power supply
died, but it appears to be a very simple unit and putting out 31 vdc.
I looked at the main board under the microscope and didn't see
anything unusual. I checked esr on the electrolytic caps and did find
the small ones like 100mf @ 10v varying quite a bit from cap to cap.
Since this printer is only a couple years old and not used much, it
seemed unlikey that the caps would already dry out enough to kill the
machine, even though I got varied readings. No signs of cap leakage.

Does anyone have any info on this machine? Has anyone run into this
already? An internet search didn't come up with anything that
helped. Thoughts? Thanks.