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Building Hand Held Game Question



Jan 1, 1970
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but does anyone have any good
links on how to build a hand held game? Like the small ones in Wal-Mart? I
am a programmer and I believe I could program a microprocessor to carry out
instructions, but just curious about the hardware part (I find the hardware
part more interesting, actually.) Big project, I know, but thought I'd ask.



Jan 1, 1970
Start here:

Then you'll need to use a graphic LCD as a screen
Also look here:

Basically you will you a microcontroller (microprocessor with onboard memory
and other stuff)
Maybe a little extra ram so an external chip would be required. Graphic will
be the most expensive and complicated piece of equipment used.

Also join the piclist (google for yahoo group called piclist) and check out
avrfreaks (above)

It will take you a long time to finish it and you'll probably either code in
Microchip assembler or C using AVRs. It will take you longer if you don't
know C already