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Jan 1, 1970
I have a Panasonic BLC1A camera that I am trying to set up.
Router is a Amped R20000G. Laptop is Win XP Pro latest update.

I think there are several ways to do this but am not sure what exactly
to do. I am trying to follow the setup software provided but keep
The install software and docs are not easily understood by me.

Method 1 uses uPnP. I have to enable uPnP in my router and use a web
server provided by Panasonic (if it still exists) to provide a fixed IP
address so I can access the cam from anywhere.
But I understand that using uPnP is dangerous as a back door. Is that
true or is it a matter of setting something up properly? How do I do

Method 2 (not sure if I understand this) is to somehow use a fixed IP
address (how do I get this) and then allow the router to pass
communications through the router to the fixed IP address. How do I do
that? I only know of the local IP address based on

Any help or terminology to study please.