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camera motion detection ...... optical -vs- infrared


John Moore

Jan 1, 1970
I've got a small security setup that looks for motion detection by
comparing frames of the picture image. Anything sets it off -- shadows
from clouds, moving bushes, etc. If I turn the sensitivity down, the
system does not reliably detect people or cars. So ...... I've got tons
of video to wade thru and relatively few captures.

I thought if I could use infrared to trigger the cameras, I'd get much
fewer false recordings. Unfortunately, PIRs do not have the range and
sensitivity I need. I don't mind buying new cameras (6) and software
within reason.

Any thoughts?

John Moore

Jan 1, 1970
Your viewing to wide an area with the cameras and need to exclude areas
where it is not required to be reviewed.

I agree with Nick, but you are still going to have similar issues when
you are trying to use motion detection in a outside environment. There
are just too many variables that will cause a trip on video motion. If
you search Google for "RedWall Motion Detectors"

They are not cheap but they will work. That is if placement is possible
and the range is what you need.

Good Luck,


Those sensors look excellent and are very do-able. What would be the
best PC-based software and cams to work with these detectors?

John Moore

Jan 1, 1970
Most will have the ability to do what you are looking for. It is not
just the software. You need to find a video board that will meet your
needs and there should be an associated trigger board that will
interface with it for the input. They may also have associated
programmable output as well. Then the board will have available
software that will interface with the video board and I/O board to give
the ability to see the input of a motion detector and start recording on
one or more cameras. Then the PC processor needs to be fast as well as
good quality video card, and a good monitor, with a large HDD, expect to
use WinXP Pro 32 bit or Win7 32 bit. You are going to be building a
system or find someone that will build it for you to meet your

For what it worth it would be a lot easier with a embedded free standing
DVR since it is all in one box.


I have already built a fairly strong pc. It's the basis for my current
system. I would prefer to use it because of the investment.

Most of the dvr imput boards I have looked at don't have trigger or alarm
inputs that would be necessary for this PIR. Do you know of a good input