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Can landline wiring be adapted for VOIP?

An extension from our landline telephone service runs into a TIVO
receiver from a conveniently located RJ-11 wall jack allowing the
recorder to update broadcast schedules. I have decided to drop
Verizon, our USA carrier. We also have VOIP service which is quite

We would like to update the TIVO information via VOIP telephone

Would this be practical?

1. Disconnect the power source coming from the pole to the landline at
its junction box .
2. Remove the lines leading from the junction box terminals to three
wall jacks serving extension phones, plus TIVO and splice these lines
3. Install a two-port splitter in the RJ-11 OUT of the VOIP modem and
plug back in the wire that feeds the existing VOIP portable 5.8 gHz
4. From the second port on the splitter run another line into a
nearby Verizon wall jack, thereby entering the old circuit - now

Would the line from the jack at the rear of the TIVO continue to
provide dialout service under the new setup?