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Changing a GSM intercom for sliding gate


Aug 9, 2019
Aug 9, 2019

Had this intercom only just over a year but it gave up the ghost and company who fitted gate belonging to a friend/team mate from Portugal is no more. Well after 10 months he came over to change a battery on weekend like it was a favour even though I told him fully what was happening and I could have changed it myself if he ever mentioned it had batteries in it. Wanted £70 quid after and I said is it not in warranty or could he not have done the annual service at the same time? and he blew up and removed me from messenger and said do not contact him again for maintenance (latin temperament?). Before that he was a bit annoyed I was a bit peeved the gate I paid £2000 for was splitting a bit when it arrived and had to be filled and few hours colour matching by him. Sort of thought he was doing me a favour undercutting the big company by £500 after VAT (saving me quite a bit more) but kind of wish hadn't. But anyway. After just 13 months the gsm stopped working on the intercom and while it may have had 2 years warranty like I think he mentioned I don't want to contact him and as its imported under different brands not sure where to go. The gate still works apart from via mobile and has a separate keypad for a code input which also works as well as the zappers. I really didn't like this arrangement much but my failure to nail the details before hand meant I was stuck a bit with what he supplied, based on cost rather than a nice keypad intercom. It was till a lot of money so maybe I expected more naively or would have paid a bit more if had options before the men turned up.

An old electrician I use for tv aerials and so on had a quick look but just ruled out any power supply issues, most likely a component in the intercom he said. So I could have bought another the same for £200 and would probably figure out the programming but I took a chance on a different gsm intercom from ebay but have made the mistake of not getting from a specialist so may struggle for advice. I've asked but am waiting. This one was £50 but direct from overseas. I thought cheap enough to just try and if they are going to break a lot, easier to cope with. The last one had a very bright light I didn't like and was not obvious what to press or do.

I did have an instructions for the old intercom but currently can't locate. I did check it for troubleshooting etc and support numbers but none given. It seemed to be from hellosystems possibly in Leeds but can't trace them other than in US without much support offered.

It is wired quite simply with one wire in COM and one in NO (normally open). It's a bit odd to me as the gates normally closed but the bigger mystery is the COM wire I need to figure out what is. The new intercom has it's own aerial but the old one I can't see. So I'm wandering if the COM is for an aerial (I think I saw one in the white box of electronics near the gates power supply before I ordered this)? If so not sure if that would link to my new intercom successfully which has a socket and aerial supplied (see photo). The new intercom has also a yellow and white pair of wires both of which claim to be for the door switch though only one mentions electromagnetic in the small pamphlet of instructions. Would I just use one colour and one wire? Which one? I wonder. Given the old one just had one for each.

The power supply should be simple enough I made sure it was compatible.

Anybody know if this will work or not compatible for some other reason? I could get a pic of the rest of the electronics if required. There is credit on the sim, I think I've crossed off all the basics and refitted the sim etc.

Eventually I will need to find a company to look after the gate a bit but trying to get this element under control if I can - along with the battery changing which I did the last one as there were one each side for the pressure strips safety features. I live in a very rural area so not always easy to find people. I splashed out a bit on the gate as I live by a busy road with dog and 2 small children and the small drive up hill means a sliding one is the only good option and keeps my nervous parents in law happy. I'm not really so flush as to want to spend exorbitant fees on servicing, I tend to try and be canny in life. Which is maybe how I fell out with the gate man friend who was not exactly business person of the year or customer focused either, having gone under. So probably needed the money more than I thought but definitely had a strange style not very like a pro company in the UK would normally have. Inkedkeypad_LI.jpg

Thanks in advance if can help. If can't please refrain from commenting.

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