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charging via usb


Oct 23, 2013
Oct 23, 2013
so basucally i want to charge my nintendo 3ds via usb...
so what idid is cut of the charging port from the adapter and connect a male usbport at the end... it works... but i noticed that while using the 3ds and charging via usb, its not actually charging or if it is, its probably to slow... searching the web clears it all... usb 2.0 =500mA, 5v and the 3ds adapter is 900mA, 4.6v... so what i did is made a usb Y cable... so 500x2??
1000mA???... my question is, is it safe for my 3ds to use this method of charging???
heres some specs if you need them..
nintendo 3ds
rating: 4.6v=4.1w
adapter input:4.6=900mA

btw I have no knowledge about electronics(thank god for the internet) so please :D
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