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cheap card reader.



Jan 1, 1970
I'm basically trying to make a CHEAP card reader. Basically I want a
way to read ID off a card. Now I can use some meory chips and give a
card an ID but then I'd have to provide it clock cycles to retrieve
that ID i.e. using a microprocessor (clearly avoidable). I ain't no
pro and am in fact looking forward to learning all this. Since I
encountered a dead end here. I came up with real primitive Ideas. now
this card reader doesn't have to be optical or contact less, in fact i
could do with a slot in which user could put in the card be verified
and then take the card out. So this real primitive idea is that I put
high resistance for a 0 and low resistance for a 1. then apply voltage
at every one of those points. correspondignly getting a zero or 1 as
has been assigned to that user. a port would then be able to read
these values and thus give the system an id to be verified. problem
with this is clumsy design and the construction of the card (not to
forget the card's size). If perhaps there was a way to read the data
stored in a memory chip and pass it like a bit stream in shift
registers and these could be connected to the serial ports of the
computer. Please gimme some insight into this and links could be great
help. Please, if it's possible mail me at [email protected] or
[email protected]. Thanx!



Jan 1, 1970
I am just in the middle of implementing smartcards into an embedded
system, and there is no point to design your own reader or cards. Its
all been done for you, just buy them.

You can find lots of serial smartcard readers which will just give you
the data to a serial port, so you can control it directly from a PC
(embedded or normal) or a mcu if you want ..
very simple, and not expensive.