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Clocks & ENERGY ?



Jan 1, 1970
How is it that the perceived motions in Earth's play are in fact a simpled
interesting abilities of what? Time & space. I'll prove iT.

Engineering & space in time relates to what? Simpled understandings of what
we are as "perceived acorns falling from a trees". Now what does this have
to do with this? Easy to say & easy to articulate as the time & space is

Clocks & energy are of somes "Difference" in that the overall inter DesiGns
of what a clock mechanisms is in fact in this worlds is that the perceptions
of what time is are in fact a simpled but common approaches to the interiors
of what we are - how fast do we sleep? So, we keep it on 24 hours a day.

But the question is - does the earth know this & do we know if it is
changing our clocks "Relative" to a constant unfoldeds?
The corrections mechanisms has to be in the rotations of the solar
systems, - or the "Neptune" size large in proportions to the overalls as it
is easier to gauge time at a distance call.