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Jan 1, 1970
Can anyone identify the two (literally) black boxes in the bottom photo of
site ?

This is a photo of the "guts" of a 1991 Honda Civic ignitor (a.k.a. ignition
module and igniter).

My guess is that one of the black boxes is an NPN transistor. The other may
be a signal converter. But I could be way off. These guesses are based on a
lot of reading about car ignitors and the following two schematics:

That at .

And that at the bottom of .
The latter is a General Motor car's ignitor etc. schematic. It may at least
resemble the Honda's and be helpful.

Comments on the other parts are welcome. :)

Ben Weaver

Jan 1, 1970

The top one looks like a BUB941ZT made by ST. It's an NPN power
darlington high voltage ignition coil driver. Datasheet is at:

The bottom chip seems to be an application specific one. Not sure who
it's made by, but the part number is U2226B. It comes from a family of
ignition transitor drivers: U2225B is controlled by an inductive sensor,
U2226B is allegedly driven by a microcontroller, and the U2227B is
controlled by a phototransistor.

Hope that helps a bit!