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Connecting ARM Ethernet Port to WIFI Network


Dec 24, 2013
Dec 24, 2013
Hi everybody,

today, I'm going to share my new ARM project. In this project, I utilized ARM Ethernet port to communicate with my interface software over WIFI media.
I developed interface software using QT platform. This means you can build this software for you Smart phones with android, ios, windows phone and LINUX platforms to monitor your hardware data.
As you can see in video, you can control LEDs by clicking on corresponding element in software. Moreover, you can choose BLINK to set LEDs in blinky mode!
Finally you can read KEYPAD status by clicking on READKEY button.

You can download pc software and HEX file to program into your hardware.

Enjoy it!

Film of this project

About this project and download HEX File

If you want to get source code please contact me by [email protected]
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