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Connecting PSX DualShock pad to PC


Ricky Romaya

Jan 1, 1970

I'm interested on connecting PSX (Playstation One) DualShock gamepads to
pc. I know there're tons of schematics out there. What I wanted to ask is
the power requirements of the gamepads.

Through pinouts, I see that the pad needs dual voltage, 3.5V and 7.6V. I
noticed that most the schematics supply the 3.5V through 5V lead from the
parallel port, while supplying 7.6V through a 9V dedicated adapter/psu.
When I said supplying, I mean connecting, literally, without any interface.
So the 3.5V is connected to 5V supply, and 7.6V to 9V supply. Wouldn't this
over voltage burn the pad? Is it safe to do so?

One more thing, do they sell psx gamepad female connectors (connectors
only, not the extension cable)?