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Could someone please check my design



Jan 1, 1970
This is my attempt at a rotary momentary 2-position switch. The idea is
that when the switch is in either position, it shorts two pins on a
motherboard to turn it on or off. This project requires a rotary switch,
so I can't just use a momentary pushbutton.

Here's my design (sorry about the confusing switches, they were the only
ones I could find in LTSpice):

Is this sound? My thought is that by using a 2-pole 2-position non-
shorting switch (in place of the DPDT switches in the circuit), I could
have it charge one capactitor while discharging another and flipping a
relay over. The duration of the momentary connection will be dependant on
the size of the caps I use.

As you probably guessed, I am a novice, but your help will most certainly
be appreciated.