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Cracked Dell monitor conversion to light source


Jan 14, 2016
Jan 14, 2016
Pictures show in thread but not in preview so not sure what happens when I post

Dell 24" Monitor
MV230HM-N30 B4

Cat knocked over and broke LCD screen, am trying to convert to LED light utilizing existing LED edge back light strip (4 groups of 16 LED lights=64 total) These are numbers on LED strip, E466169XY-MC 94V-0 and 1602 N52PBY5 C52NA23. Only one PCB this is the power side with the LED connector on the left hand side (top pin is
Used continuity for above trace paths, where pens 1,14,16 meet at R826 and R827 it gets really confusing so those may not be real accurate. Traced 12v power from plug (lower left) to YX470 to Drain, through diode and brown cap to pins 3 & 4 on LED connector. It is my understanding that as voltage is applied to G on FET the voltage to LED will increase so how do I make this happen? Gate threshold is 1 to 3 volts, what Gate voltage would be necessary to turn on LED strip?

This is the video side, far right (white) connector goes to ON/OFF switch and bottom pin is #1. The large black connector at the top is to the LCN screen and right most pin is #1

After tear down reattached connectors and turned on: Power light came on, LCD flickered several times, first 16 LEDs came on for 3 to 5 seconds and then both shut down, power light remained on. After that nothing came on except power light (LED)

The following DC voltages were taken with everything connected to PCB and powered with 12V adapter that came with monitor


Checked individual LED's with 3volt power source and all seemed to burn (really bright), so think they are okay. Don't know how to start trying to jumper contacts out to get LED's to come on. There are no descriptions/legends on any of the components and have been unable to locate any diagrams for monitor or PCB. Know I can just junk it all and go buy string of LEDS and install, but would rather burn this one up trying to get it to work before buying something else.

Here's photo of LCD connection with voltages typed in best I could. The green bars are ground and appears that contacts 8 thru 30 connect to U1 thru U5, leaving contacts 1 thru 6 as possible control circuits (7 is ground).

Could the LEDs need an OK from the LCD before working? If so what's your best guess on how to supply that signal?

Would LEDs need a VGA feed before working? Read on blog that by connecting all grounds (pins 5 through 10) it might allow LED to come on, will this work?

So where do I start? Thanks for looking, Doug