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current output DAC's (repost)


Jamie Morken

Jan 1, 1970

I am hooking up a 12bit current output DAC (DAC7811)

with a 0V to 5V output voltage range.

I am putting an opamp I to V converter on the output
of this current output DAC.

The datasheet shows these two hookups:
1. negative voltage output
Vout = -Vref * Code/4096 output DAC/currentou...

2. positive voltage output output DAC/currentou...

I would like the positive voltage output but it requires a -2.5V
reference. What would be the
best way to hook this DAC up for a 0V to 5V output range?

If I use a a -5V reference instead of the -2.5V reference will
this provide a 0V to 5V output range? Does the output opamp
need a bipolar supply as well for this?

It seems that since a voltage output DAC doesn't need any negative
rails to generate unipolar output a current output DAC shouldn't


ps. sorry for repost, my original post went to an old thread from