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Custom USB cable not working


Nov 20, 2022
Nov 20, 2022
I made my second custom USB cable and it is not working. The lights of the keyboard I am making go on but the typing does not work. It does work with other cables.
I did some measuring. All the pins seem to be wired correctly and I see no direct shorts. But I do see that the VCC to GND from one side to the other has a 20k ohm and the other way 30k ohm resistance between them. I measured the other cable I made and some standard and fast charging cables, they all seem to have a 60k ohm resistance to both sides.
I am not sure where this resistor is. I am also not sure if this is the issue.

The only difference between the working cables and the new custom cable is that the new one has 5 pins instead of 4, there is this extra ID pin that I did not plan on using, I was just using the 4 (Vcc, Gnd, D+, D-).

Is this related to the resistance in any way? I was looking on the internet but I could not find anything.
Should I maybe connect the ID pins to GND?

Thanks for the help.


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