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daisy chain jumper wire?

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Mad Scientist Jr

Jan 1, 1970
Can anyone name a supplier that sells this? (see below for a

Newsgroups: alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt, sci.electronics.misc,
From: Rick Frazier <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 17:34:56 -1000
Local: Wed, May 30 2007 11:34 pm
Subject: Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

I think you might be looking for something that was called "daisy
jumper wire" way back in my wire-wrap days. It came as a spool of
flexible, stranded insulated wire about 24 guage or so, with an
insulated single pin socket every 5 inches or so. You just counted
the number of jumpers you wanted to interconnect, and snip them off of
the roll. The sockets fit over standard .025" square posts quite
and allowed testing minor modifications without wrapping on new wires.

They had a multitude of uses. I still have some leds and other things
with single 5" wires attached to each leg (each with it's own socket
the end).

I haven't even looked for this stuff for years, and know I hava a half
roll tucked away in a box somewhere. If I could only find it I'd at
least have a part number and manufacturer to provide. I'll see if I
dig it out sometime in the next couple of days...

Good Luck

Newsgroups: alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt, sci.electronics.misc,
From: Mad Scientist Jr <[email protected]>
Date: 30 May 2007 14:33:30 -0700
Local: Wed, May 30 2007 5:33 pm
Subject: Re: motherboard LED connectors and posts?

Thanks to everyone for your replies.
From: Terran Melconian <[email protected]>
There are literally hundreds to choose from, but here are a couple
example part numbers I pulled out of the Mouser catalog to point you in
the right direction:
Header: Mouser 517-2312-6111tg, 3m 2312-6111tg
Socket: Mouser 517-974-01-02, 3m 929974-01-02 (board mount)
the sockets also come for crimp pin or IDC connections.

That should be a big help - I just needed some keywords: header,
socket, board mount, IDC.
From: kony <[email protected]>
Male pin headers and female socket connectors with 0.1" pin
spacing. Also socket contacts (inserts) are often sold
separate from the socket itself.

This helps...
What exactly are you looking for? Straight plastic sockets
with 0.1" pin spacing but do they have to be the very thin
(black in your links) type such that on a row of pins in a
pin header, you could plug in two right next to each other,
OR could the plastic connector body be larger like those
used on fans? The point is that if looking for an
especially low price, one option is surplus electronics
'sites which may have something that would work (or may not)
depending on the requirements beyond the basic # of pins,
spacing and pin size.

This would be a way to make certain components (such as pots &
trimmers, 1/4" phono jacks, switches, or other sub-circuits) "plug and
play" for various prototypes + experiments. The motherboard size
headers are small enough where the leads match the components I'm
using and the pins on a motherboard that LEDs plug into are just the
right size to plug into a solderless breadboard, but are more durable
than the regular breadboard jumper wires.
You might check the following surplus sites (and ebay).

Thanks again