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DC motors for wind power



Jan 1, 1970
Bart Bervoets said:
Yes, so i now noticed, there are some solutions but alas a bit bulky.
I did some research already and have experimented with car alternators,
i got so far i can make one that charges at 400rpm but the wind is
too unpredictable and the field coil needs to be energized all the time
which drains your battery in dead moments, rather a pm alternator as
suggested as i don't feel much for having to build a dynamo from start,
but hey, if i have to...
But i did buy some motors on ebay as suggested, they are treadmill
Someone else suggested the use of a motor off an electrical bicycle,
benefit is that it's weatherproof.
I just thought someone here could sell me some instead
of on eekbay.
What i would like is an easy off the shelf solution, but i can see
that there isn't really one.
Thanks everybody for the input on this.


You can find them on Sam's Club website 400W for $600