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Jyoti Pakrashi

Jan 1, 1970
Hi Design Gurus,

We are trying to create a resource pool of engineers (hardware,
firmware and software, CAD etc.), designers and organizations with
experience in professional AV and interface products.

If you (or someone you know who would be interested) have recently
designed any or many of the following please consider sharing your
experience for a reasonable fee.

1.Video Distribution amplifiers (Various sizes and formats, i.e.,
composite, Y/C, YUV, RGBHV, SDI, HD etc.).

2.Video Switchers (Cross-point and x1) in various sizes in similar
formats as above.

3.Audio DA's and switchers in different sizes and formats.

4.Video and audio processors, i.e., format converters,encoders,
decoders, transcoders, filters, sync.strippers, cleaners, filters, TBC

5.Video and audio line drivers, transmitters and receivers over
various media, i.e., twisted pair, fiber optic, wireless, Ethernet

6.Interface (RS-232, 485, USB, IR, Bluetooth etc.) circuits for
control of the above products.

7.Any other AV interface product you have designed for professional,
broadcast or medical applications.

Detail description of products needed to be designed will be discussed
individually based on experience.

Please contact me with details of your past designs. We are only
looking for people with previous design experience of professional
and/or broadcast quality (not consumer grade) products. You or your
organization must have designed similar products (We want to save
time). We shall consider OEM arrangement with organizations already
manufacturing similar products. People currently engaged in similar

There will be considerable amount of work available for reasonable
consulting fee or other mutually acceptable arrangement.

Ideal freelancing oportunity for engineers already engaged in such

Please email me personaly to [email protected] with your
contact information (Address, E-mail, Phone, Fax etc.)

All correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Jyoti Pakrashi