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Frank Pickens

Jan 1, 1970
I am in the process of designing and building a super design/breadboard
lab. I realize one can be bought for less money than I'll probably have
in this one but prototypes are expensive and I have designs on making a
few for resale if I like the prototype. The specifications I am
designing for follows:

1) Breadboard with 2200 + tie points
2) 4 Power supplies. +5, +12, -12 and 0-30 Volts variable.
3) Square wave clock 1hz to 100khz in 5 ranges.
4) Function generator producing square, sine and ramp waveforms
5) Built in frequency counter switchable to monitor clock, func
generator and probe for external measurements.
6) 4 potentiometers - 5k, 50k, 500k, 1 meg
7) Audible logic probe.
8) 8 LED buffered state indicators.
9) Built in 8 ohm speaker.
10) Phone line input for designing devices that use the phone line.
11) 600 ohm line coupling transformer.
12) 4 pushbutton strobes with both pulse hi and pulse low outputs.
13) 4 SPDT toggle switches (uncommitted)
14) A few debounced pushbuttons
Since I am somewhat of a fanatic about things having a professional
appearance, the overall construction would be as follows:

Wooden base slanted. Heavy gauge aluminum for the top surface which
would be spray painted black. and silkscreened with white paint to
identify the controls and components. Top exactly 1 square foot.

A commercially made unit with the above specs sells for $400.00 +

Here's the question: If I could produce these units with a selling price
of approximately $250.00 would I find a market? Anyone have ideas for
additional features? I'll probably have $500.00 in this thing before the
prototype is ready because I am having the PCBs made professionally.

Any ideas?