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Difference between mosfet with and without logic level.

I am looking for a replacement for AOD444, a n-channel mosfet in an

AOD 444 , vds :60v, vgs:20v, id: 12A

I checked, but only 2 similar one are available. They are
IPD640N06L G



They both look similar to AOD 444, but they are logic level.

Will it work if i substitute a mosfet (without logic level ) with
another mosfet that has logic level?

Also, i found another similar one ,std12nf06l

The Continuous drain current ID at 25 degree C is the same as aod444.
BUT it is smaller than AOD444 at 100 C.

When replacing mosfet, do we have to consider the ID at TC=100 degree?

Ray King

Jan 1, 1970
Is there a way to see the schematic? There is probably another reason the
fet failed. More than likely any of the below should work otherwise.

Steve Wolfe

Jan 1, 1970
Maybe, maybe not. A lot of it depends on just how much Rds you can
stand. I've seen a number of FETs (particularly on motherboards) which are
*not* marketed specifically as "logic level", but are designed to operate
relatively well at 5V, and make an explicit point of it in the datasheet.

One such part that I have handy is an fr3704. Nowhere does the term
"logic level" appear in the description or datasheet, but the Rds is 8.4
milliohms at 10V, and just 11.4 milliohms at 4.5 volts. Unfortunately, it
doesn't meet the voltage requirement that you need, so it's not a viable
substitute - but you should be aware that there may very well be parts out
there that will work for your application yet not specifically labeled
"logic level".