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digitally tuned am radio schematic?


Jon Hunter

Jan 1, 1970

I'm new here, been looking for a place to ask! I've googled for the past
2 days looking for something with no luck.

I'm not really new to electronics, although my knowledge isn't near as
much as I would like. I'm handy with a soldering iron and understand most

I would like a schematic to build such an item. I'm sure it would be a
big project, but I would love to do it. Mostly because I can't find any
good radios I like out there for a decent price :)

If possible I would also like an fm radio of the same sort. Looking for
something with a lcd display, and knob (not buttons) for tuning

Would any of you have a link to something like this?

Thanks in advance!


P.S. if this isn't an appropriate question or I am in the wrong group,
please let me know!