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Disc Tray timing of Panasonic SC-HT 670 DVD Home Theater



Jan 1, 1970
I am the owner of a Panasonic SC-HT 670 5-disc Home Theater system. My 21
month old son decided to play with it one day and pulled some of the disc
trays out, not off, but out. Now the system won't do a thing. When it is
plugged into the wall and the power button is pressed, it displays "INIT"
and will not do anything else. I believe that it may be the gear timing
for the disc trays, but I cannot find any documentation or diagrams
telling me how to reset it. If anyone knows of anything, please help.


Jan 1, 1970
That wont be in the documentation, most likely since its a service issue.
If its new, like less than a year old you might get some warranty fix, its a
good idea to try that avenue first

I couldnt find photos of it online, are there 5 single trays like having 5
computer CD players, or is it a large tray?

The trays can skip gears and sometimes be returned to their alignment but
usually the plastic breaks easily and some important tab gets broken off

unplug the unit for a minute, that is a "reset" or sometimes there is a tiny
hold with a button inside, but its usually got "reset" written somewhere
next to it

If all else fails, look for the SAMS photofacts or the service manual, one
of the authorized service centers will have one. Panasonic makes excellent
equipment usually made to be fixed