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Discharging an erratic mouse


Mar 25, 2014
Mar 25, 2014
If your PS/2, USB, or wireless mouse is misbehaving, try discharging the devices' on-board caps.
After many frustrating hours of checking the settings in registry, control-panel, browsing PC forums
and websites, a computer-related forum provided a stupidly-simple cause and solution.
Apparently, the capacitors build up a residual charge, so affecting the 'clean' signal of a button-press.
I gather by this they mean that the logic threshold voltage is occasionally crossed?
The problems included: unwanted selection (dragging) of multiple cells in Excel,
Rectangle-selecting in graphics apps would fail (unwanted second-click), and so on.
The fix?
Switch shut down then switch off computer.
Unplug mouse.
Press mouse buttons repeatedly to discharge stray capacitance.
I tried it and it worked!! :)))))
..sometimes the simplest, most obvious solution is overlooked.