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DIY *nix computer w lots of ram and network: possible?


Pig Bladder

Jan 1, 1970
1) Buy a big plate. Mount 8x PSU, Motherboard with ram+cpu+network.
Join them with a gigabit switch. Boxes just obstruct cooling. And saves a
few bucks too ;)
ABIT AV8 S939 can hold upto 4 GByte.

2) Program a FPGA to become a 32GiB memory controller (35 bit address line).
Use cheap of the shelf sdram/ddr etc..
Add a scsi U160, U320 interface or some Sata interface. Which avoids the
trouble writeing a device driver. Aswell as network stack latency..

Just a quick thought. Not checked for obstacles makeing the project(s)
unfeasable or unreasonable :=)

Specific implementations, of course, are left as an exercise for the