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DMM durability for 24-hour testing info wanted (Fluke multimeters)


fancy nospam tunes

Jan 1, 1970
Which is more durable, Fluke 87 or Fluke 81438 (Sears)?

Hi, I'm looking for a multimeter that will be
used 24/7 on DC and mA readings. Are there,
in your opinion/experience, any difference in
long-term durability between the Fluke 87
(series 80) and the Fluke 81438 multimeters?
samo, samo.... but why waste a good meter on that application.
For dedicated use as you described I personally would utilize a cheapo
DVM after verifying it's acceptable accuracy. Even the cheap one will
have long term reliability.
I have a similar application where I have been using three cheap DVMs @
$6.99 each. They have been running now for almost a year, except when
I replace the batteries every month.