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Documentation about Schlumberger "Solartron 7150"?


Joerg Hau

Jan 1, 1970

Does anyone have a reference/service/maintenance manual available for
the 6-digit DMM "Solartron 7150" (Schlumberger, ca. 1989)?

Specifically, I'm looking for the following information:

(1) function of the "special" keys on the keypad
("Filter"/"6x9" etc),
(2) instructions on re-calibration (yes, I opened it, but it's
not that obvious ;-)
(3) command set of the integrated GPIB/IEEE/HBIB bus (I want
to use it under Linux),

A simple copy or a pdf would of course be sufficient.

Please feel free to contact me either via the newsgroup, or per direct

Thanks in advance for any help,
and greetings from Lausanne!

- Joerg

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Robert Lacoste

Jan 1, 1970
I don't have this manual, but I do have the same equipment. So if you find
it I am really intested !!!

On the "filter/6x9" button as far as I understand it adds a slow loss pass
filter/averaging filter on the readings, drastically smoothing the readings
but adding one more digit.

Sorry, I can't help on the GPIB side. Have you tried just to read from it ?

Friendly yours,

Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM : The mixed signals experts