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Don Bosco Electronics Stethotracer and Mosquito / Production year(s) ??



Jan 1, 1970
I have a Question on Don Bosco Electronics Inc., which was located
Littell Road and/or 56 Route 10, Hanover N.J. - USA

They produced the " Mosquito" and the "Stethotracer" ( the latter with
a load of adaptors ) and all still in good shape, both of which are
still in my possession, and will be transferred to SIWE (
), the Belgian Society for the Preservation of Scientific and
Industrial Heritage. About six tons of my equipment and docs. are
already with SIWE.

The Question is: What year(s) were these items produced; no trace of
year of production in the documentation of the Stethotracer.

If anybody could still get me a copy of the manual of the "Mosquito",
I would be thankful.
- This as all the other stuff went to SIWE with complete

Thanks in Advanced for any Reply.


Nap van Zuuren - Gent - Belgium


Sep 25, 2010
Sep 25, 2010
steth o tracer

i was reading your add asking if anybody has an original manual for the steth o tracer and yey i have one the whole kit manual and the little pink incert that goes with it but i know nothing about the person asking for the manual the one i have looks like it was just printed send me an email and ill make u a copy