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Jan 1, 1970
The only difference between shipping containers and air cargo is that
one can sneak a hell of a lot more HE into a shipping container. Sealed
nd vacuum packed or not.

You miss the point. Currently, all they do is a scan for alpha
particles, and rarely look at the container itself.

What I propose will catch far more than the current method.

For one thing, the RFID tags insure that the container stays sealed
from shore to shore. The sniffing catches anything inside the container.

Even the least gas emitting media will emit enough after several days
in a hot container ship. Sniff *that* air as the container is offloaded,
and make sealed containers the norm, and solve a huge set of problems.

Whoopie fucking doo whatever you are on about. My idea would work.

Shipping containers are big, huge steel boxes. Air cargo boxes are
oddly shaped, thin wall, low-security Aluminum boxes that can barely bear
the weight they are rated at carrying.

Don't see many shipping container ships blowing up these days.

I can see what you are *trying* to say though.


Jan 1, 1970
And it could be triggered by the seal being

No. The seals are rfid and secured at the port yard, and become the
responsibility of the port personnel. They wouldn't be filling up any
containers with any bombs. We do trade with free, peaceful nations.
Face it. You were just trying to asphyxiate a bunch of illegal aliens.

Ha ha ha. Where are all the news stories about Americans attempting
illegal emigration to any of a thousand other countries?
Why didn't you just recommend Zyclon B and quit trying to hide your

I think that looters should be shot on sight with a radioactive tag
that allows them to be identified for imprisonment later. Border
incursion is not far away from looting. If things are so bad in your
nation, then fucking take over! We'll 'get your back'.

I think that true criminals should get ZERO "good time", especially if
the crime was one of violence or committed under the threat of violence
or death to another.

We need another Devil's Island.

Toss 'em in, and tell them that their "re-habilitation" is going to be
doled out by God himself. Surround it with a deadly moat, and you don't
even need guards.


Jan 1, 1970
Like Yemen.

Of course that one is on our shit list now. But there are dozens of others
that have port personnel who can be bought. RFID seals are useless if the
contents of the container are not properly identified PRIOR TO SEALING.

You STILL do not get it. The seals KEEP the air in the container so
that upon arrival, the SNIFF of the container's air WILL tell ALL we need
to know about the contents.

Currently, they perform no such sealing. What this would do is allow
them to find and shitcan any of your pathetic "corrupted personnel".

It makes for a custody trail, which allows us to track WHERE and WHEN a
breach took place.

Either you have ZERO forensic aptitude, or you are a complete idiot.


Jan 1, 1970
Ceramic knives show up. Most have some metal in them (required?),
specifically so they will.

My motha-fuckin-sharp silica heat sink plates are 3 inches square, and
they do NOT show up. They would lay open a neck pretty easily too.


Jan 1, 1970
What do you expect from workers they pulled from the foodstamp lines?

And to think that I thought that all the other retarded crap you spew
indicated that you were stupid.

This one takes the cake. You are a total fucking idiot.


Jan 1, 1970
What if you go into a scanning booth and the chick doing the scan
starts giggling, and she says, "see ya next flight stubby", or in my
case, "use my booth 'sausage boy'.
PS:Can they tell if ya shave your pubes?

You're an idiot, and the only thing you have that resembles food would
be the small "breakfast sausage" style.

You know, the 3 inch long, half inch diameter laughable stuff.

You know what they say about folks that tout their schlong, right?


Jan 1, 1970
You have a dumb handle and write stupid posts.

I have many handles and they are all whimsical, not that you have the
depth to grasp such a thing. As far as you assessing someone else's
posts... that's pretty laughable as your qualification to make such
assessments on others is pretty much nil, especially if in Usenet.
Certainly do :),

Obviously not. It is said that those that tout their enormity only
have enormous yearnings for enormity.
I don't the girls gossiping bout me.

You should probably take some grammar courses as well.


Jan 1, 1970
Most but not all. That would be like me saying all people who use the
name The GlimmerMan on USENET are friggin morons. I might be right but
it would still be stereotyping.

It is NOT stereotyping, asswipe. EVERY cop gets it hard wired into
them at the academy that "trains" them. It's called "profiling" and YES,
ASSWIPE, they ALL get it, and they ALL do it, and they ALL therefore go
against the oath they took to acquire their position, which is obviously
the only reason they utter it.

It certainly is not because they understand, much less remember it's
contents, and meaning. It has been true since 1937, and it is THEY that
have been stereotyping US citizens this entire time!

Just ask La Guardia. Oh, that's right... you CANNOT, because they
covered up his report, and moved forward with their unamerican agenda

Then, the retarded, unamerican thieves did it again, when Richard Nixon
called Americans "thugs", and started a Federakl version of the worst
part about you fucktards. So he perpetuated and amplified the stupidity.

So, yes, they ARE ALL fucking morons, and they ARE ALL fucking ill
educated thugs, because most, if not all are fucking high school jocks
that did not get their football pro dreams and wants to take their loss
out on someone. The "holier than thou" versions that think they have
"streets to clean up" are ineffectual asswipes that go after kids in
school, instead of the gang members on the streets. Complacency and
tolerance of the gangs alone for fucking decades proves they are thugs
stealing tax dollars for new PIG cars every three years and a new PAY
RAISE and promotion they do NOT deserve.

And there is not a goddamned one of you that qualifies as otherwise,
because you are all also complacent about offense committed by your own.

So **** you, and your retarded retort, dumbfuck.

Where are all these "smart, well educated cops" at calling for the
removal of tasers from the ranks? Where are those calling for the firing
of cops on video that are misusing them in an illegal way by targeting
their "perpetrator" (a citizen) right in the center of their chest.
You know, the same place the head fucked, retarded academies train the
retarded PIGGERY to aim at. You know, that place they were at one time
NEVER allowed to aim at. They dumbed that one down too, by changing the
terms from "vital and non-vital" to "center mass and ignored", and are
trained to shoot AT "center mass" AND to shoot more than once!

So don't give me any of your stupid horseshit. asswipe, because you are
obviously fucking BLIND!

It is NOT a stereotype! It was a MISTAKE, MADE BY THEM, DECADES AGO!

I am not a moron, I am someone that did not "don the blinders and
follow the flock".

YOU are either one of the PIGGERY and would like to think yourself of
some higher station, or you are one of the blind sheep.

I SAW the Chicago riots on the news. I HAVE SEEN cops in this nation
"do the wrong thing" many tens if not hundreds of times throughout my

They notoriously show up AFTER THE FACT and in greater numbers than are
required to perform the job, so they are wasting city, county, and state
tax dollars on a daily basis, due to being total fucking pussies and
stand around and shoot the shit retards as well!

Every fucking one of them should be REQUIRED to wear a lapel camera,
and the data stream needs to get recorded downtown at the server, not
merely locally. They should NEVER be allowed to stop a citizen from
video recording them in action, as they have, nor can they demand ANY
expectation of privacy while in the performance of their CIVIL DUTY,
which they took an OATH to perform.

Why? Because they are all fucking notorious liars as well.

How many PIG's kids ever get into trouble? How many PIGs themselves
ever get into trouble?

Let's talk about traffic ticket issuance frequency too. Oh... that's
right... PIGs do not get traffic tickets, because when a PIG gets pulled
over by another PIG, he gets released, because he MUST be on his way to
an emergency as a primary respondent, or at least as one of the stand
around and jack jaws on the tax dollar asswipes, so he deserves a pass,
despite the strong odor of alcohol!

You fucktards are one of the last gangs left Americans have to worry
about being subjected to "thuggery" by.

Sorry, but you ain't foolin' this kid.

SO **** you, asswipe. You do not get to CLAIM honor and character. It
has to be shown by behavior, and on that report card, you all fail
miserably if any of you EVER filled out a "FIR card" as a"RIT" (rookie in
training). They are all profiling bastards, and they ALL need to "fess
up" and change their entire paradigm, because *I* don't **** around when
it comes to the truth.

PIG shoots man, and claims he accidentally grabbed the wrong gun shaped
device from his belt, and only meant to do some other illicit maneuver,
like applying a taser to a person already subdued by SEVERAL other PIGs.

Jail PIG tases a minor youth in an illicit "boot camp" style "juvenile
detention facility", and the kid dies the next day.

And about ten other PIGGERY taser incidents in the last year alone that
resulted in a death.

So, WHERE are all the cops calling for this OBVIOUSLY NOT "non-lethal"
"tool", which they have embraced.

Folks are gonna revolt, and the PIGGERY ain't gonna like the hand they
have played at that point.

Admit the wrong doing, and change the way the academy instills this
unamerican policy into them, and they MIGHT begin to no longer be PIGs.

There is ZERO "stereotyping". It is 100% FACT!

You want it to be other than true? Then start culling the bad PIGs
from the ranks. Stop all this "We take care of our own" FOP horseshit.
Oh... that's right... you are incapable of this task. Only *I* could
set things straight, because only I have watched all this crap occur
through the decades without a blind fucking eye to what was actually

You dig me, BOY? Yeah, YOU, "stormbringer". When PIGs actually learn
what an oath is, and then LEARN what comprises the OATH they TOOK when
they got their "job" (because they are too goddamned dumb to think of it
as anything else), THEN they will again be "Peace Officers". At this
junction, however, they ARE indeed nothing more than the PIGGERY, and
there are so many goddamned indicators that I could start a reality TV
show over it.

Oh, and Usenet only has ONE letter capitalized, you dopey, strangely
PIG like ****.

"Most but not all" my ass! If that is true, the number can be counted
on one's digits. I am skeptical, however.

The exception being those that live in towns where they never have to
"bring down" the profiling policies due to greater gang or crime
problems. They nonetheless, still got the errant training as well, and
would flip like a switch given the situation.

Trust me... I have long hair. I know what they are like. ALL the
bastards got flawed training. ALL the bastards need to "run a patch".

So **** you, and the horse you rode in on, boy.

Rich Grise

Jan 1, 1970
maury said:
What is surprising is that it is presented as an image like that. The
scanners I have seen measure a cylindrical projection of the body.

High end far infrared imagers were able to do it a long time ago.

Look at a study done by the Univ. of California. There was a flaw in
the original analysis of exposure. The analysis looked at it as if the
energy was passing through the body. However, with backscatter, the
energy is concentrated on the skin, increasing the effective dose.
Concerns of skin cancer in sensitive persons is now being studied.[/QUOTE]

They should just equip the TSA agents with some of these:



Jan 1, 1970
You have a particularly low opinion of the police. Have you been
busted or something?

It's called 40 years of observation without blinders on.

I did not expect you to have enough brains to have actually read what I
wrote. I made the same statement there, idiot.

Bet then, you are obviously yet another one of the pukes in the world
that walks around with blinders on. Though in your case, it is


Jan 1, 1970
Says Nymbecile, who by his own admission is sans sausage.

You have a bent perception, and you are a total fucking retard as well.

I never made any such assertion, EVER, you retarded little bitch.


Jan 1, 1970
On Fri, 10 Dec 2010 06:01:48 -0800, TheGlimmerMan
Trust me... I have long hair. I know what they are like. ALL the
bastards got flawed training. ALL the bastards need to "run a patch".

So **** you, and the horse you rode in on, boy.

You have a particularly low opinion of the police. Have you been
busted or something?

He's a fairy in a Navy town. Guess ;-)

You're a goddamned idiot. San Diego has been a MARINE town ever since
the Top Gun crew AND the Navy relinquished Miramar Air Station to the

I would not expect a total fucking retard like you to stay on top of
reality though. It has only been called MCAS for SEVERAL YEARS now,
I've seen the Shore Patrol in action :)

My guess? I'll bet you have, jackass. First hand, in fact.

I live in North County, and there is no Shore Patrol here, you retarded
****. One no longer sees them in San Diego streets either. It has been
decades since your fucktard ilk has been around here fucking things up.
...Jim Thompson

Yes you, asswipe.

And so you know, I am not gay, and I will lay your soul to waste,
motherfucker. Where do you want to meet, PUSSY?

Oh, that's right... you are too much of a PUSSY to back up your mouth
with your ass.

I'll knock that useless pencil dick of yours in the dirt, if you were
man enough to take the challenge, you retarded, pussified bastard.

Plenty of boxing rings in every town, you pussified BITCH.

Put you money where you mouth is, fucktard. I have vacation days, and
your fucking town ain't far.

So, what will it be. Jim "Pussy Boy" Thomson, or will you take the

Don't worry, Jim. I already know what your pussified ass will answer.

Watch your mouth, boy. Folks have net their maker for far less

I hope some gang boy car jacks you in town, and blows you the **** away
when you resist.

Gay slur jackoffs like you are closet fags. It has been in your head
all your life, and yes, you were too pussified to admit that fact as


Jan 1, 1970
Look at a study done by the Univ. of California. There was a flaw in
the original analysis of exposure. The analysis looked at it as if the
energy was passing through the body. However, with backscatter, the
energy is concentrated on the skin, increasing the effective dose.
Concerns of skin cancer in sensitive persons is now being studied.

Wrong on the "high end IR imagers" remark. It is total bullshit, as
early IR imagery was fuzzy focus, at best.

Now... JUST now, they are getting higher clarity focus on IR imagery,
but that is just NOW happening, and one does NOT see the detail level
UNDER clothing like this guy is touting EITHER. The statement is NOT

And yes, I agree that we don't need any more fucking X-rays injected
into our bodies. We have MRI and CAT, and others, and the bastard
doctors had better start using them!

X-ray angiograms have been archaic for the last 35 years, but the
retarded bastards are still using them!

The goddamned "business as usual" doctors in this land are nearly as
bad as the goddamned "business as usual" fucking retarded democrat

Obama says "No more pork barrel", then goes and does it the very next

Yes, skin conditions are a problem, and we will see such conditions
become more and more of a problem as folks' diets have shifted in large
segments of the population, and they don't even know that what they are
eating is part of what is killing them.

Personally, I would love to have Angelina Jolie's skin. She is
gorgeous, and looks like there are good genes in there. Mine are crap.
Psoriasis, and after 45 years of no zits ever, I get them when I eat Milk
Chocolate now, and I have loved Chocolate all my life. Now, I have to
eat dark chocolate to get it or Ice Cream, which does not cause the

50 years old, and I look like an oily faced 30 year old two days after
I eat a chocolate bar.

Lots of hair and moles where none are needed, losing hair where it is

I'll probably die of a cancer that was induced by a morphed cell from
an X-ray session I had 30 years ago. It just took it this long to grow
and spread. That or paraquat, which gets you 40 years later.

Our friends in Washington committed serious crimes when they introduced
American citizens to that substance. Jimmy Carter is an absolute fucking


Jan 1, 1970
Jim said:
On Fri, 10 Dec 2010 06:01:48 -0800, TheGlimmerMan

Trust me... I have long hair. I know what they are like. ALL the
bastards got flawed training. ALL the bastards need to "run a patch".

So **** you, and the horse you rode in on, boy.

You have a particularly low opinion of the police. Have you been
busted or something?

He's a fairy in a Navy town. Guess ;-)

I've seen the Shore Patrol in action :)

He thinks 'Fleet Week' is a commercial for suppositories!

Only if they make a video of them being rammed up your ass with an NYPD
broomstick handle whittled up with some gnarly splinters.

Hey, Terrell... At least you can claim to be a tad smarter than the
Thompson retard. You are both still dumber than a fucking slug, with
both of your brains summed together.



Jan 1, 1970
Au contraire, Mr Nymbecile. Would you like to see the proof?

Like I said... bent perception. Come back when you grow up.

A "plonker" is a button used for filtering retarded fucktards like you.
If your perception was not so fucking bent, you would not be such a
fucking retarded kook. Go back to the kook group, asswipe.


Jan 1, 1970
How is it that an innocent inquiry

Nothing a retard like you posts carries any 'innocence' whatsoever. ****
you, you sub-human asswipe.