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DRO Mitutoyo AT11-series; attach connector to cut-off wire.

A while ago I have been given a digital readout system for the lathe
(DRO) from Mitutoyo, with AT11 series linear scales (rulers).

It needs a bit of work done though, mostly because the connectors have
been cut off from the linear scales. After a bit of research on the
net it appears it needs a 6 pin round connector, but the hardest part
is to figure out which wire goes to which pin. I don't have the
original connectors anymore either so I can't work back from them.
Very little info is available on the net.

I was wondering whether anyone in here had any technical information
(esp. w.r.t. wiring the rulers) on the Mitutoyo AT11-N100 and AT11-
N350 scales with 6 pin round connector.

I'd greatly appreciate any help on the subject.


Peter Dingemans,
The Netherlands.

Mike Berger

Jan 1, 1970
Post this to rec.crafts.metalworking and you'll probably find
someone with the information.