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DS89C450 serial data transfer



Jan 1, 1970
I am having serial port communications problems. Below is
the simple code in the DS89C450 MCU that I am trying to get to
work properly. It is a simple routine to receive data via the
serial port at 38400baud. I am trying to receive 65536 bytes. It
allways drops some of the data like it is falling behind the
serial stream. Most the time the 1st 1000 bytes seem fine then
one is missed and the data in memory is short a byte. This
happens many times after the 1st 1k bytes. I am using Visual C++
6.0 as my pc software to send data from the pc to the DS89C450. I
did find that I had to buffer the ALE line to the latches for
more reliability. Do I need to buffer the WR & RD also or add
pull-ups on other pins? According to the data sheet the
Address/Data lines dont need pull-ups if thats all there used
for. My MCU circuit is very simple and uses 1-DS89C450MNL,
2-74F573 latches for address, 1-IS62C1024AL-35 Ram, 1-74HCT32
used as a buffer for ALE, 1-MAX233CPP Rs232. I have A16 tied low
on Ram chip. If I insert a 1ms delay between characters sent by
the pc, it works fine. But that defeats the speed-up in
communications. I can verify that data is missing by dumping the memory
contents with another routine in the micro to send the last 256 bytes of
Out of 65536 bytes there is 7 bytes missing.

This is the code inside the DS89C450 MCU running at 29.491mhz

pcon equ 87h ;address of PCON register
scon1 equ 0c0h ;address of SCON1 register
sbuf1 equ 0c1h ;address of SBUF1 register
wdcon equ 0d8h ;address of WDCON register
ckcon equ 8eh ;location of clock control
org 0000h
ljmp start

org 100h ;allways start ROM program at 0100h
start: mov scon,#50h ;set serial port 0 to mode 1 with rec
mov tmod,#20h ;set timer 1 as auto-reload 8-bit
mov th1,#0feh ;baud rate equals 38400b at 29.491mhz
mov ie,#80h ;do not enable serial interupt
mov tcon,#40h ;start timer 1
setb ea ;global enable interrupts
setb p3.6 ;set pull-up on WR
setb p3.7 ;set pull-up on RD
clr ri ;ensure that receive interupt flag is
clr ti

loop: jnb ri,loop
mov a,sbuf
clr ri
cjne a,#01h,chka ;01 = get job data from pc
ljmp getst
chka: ljmp loop

; ***** Get track / sector data from PC *****
getst: clr p1.0 ;set RomA16 false
clr p1.4 ;set RamA16 true
setb p1.2 ;disable ROM
clr p1.3 ;enable RAM
mov r1,#00h
mov dptr,#0000h
getst1: mov r2,#00h
getst2: jnb ri,getst1 ;wait for char from pc
mov a,sbuf
clr ri
movx @dptr,a
inc dptr
djnz r2,getst2
djnz r1,getst1 ;get 65536d bytes ff x ff
ljmp loop


Jan 1, 1970
TT_Man said:
Most likely is you need a pullup pack on P0
No ALE buffer is required, or /Rd /Wr
I think if it were an issue with P0 pullups the data would just be wrong in
some places.
Data is actually missing completely. I send 10000bytes and only 9997 are