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DSL and listening to audio on the internet

I hope this is not too off topic (I asked the question in a DSL
forum,but the forum is rather dead),but a couple weeks ago I asked
this same type of question, but how I presented the original problem
is now presented differently. I listen to radio stations on the
internet, and for the past two weeks after I listen I cannot connect
to a web page. I can still listen even though Interent Explorer says
it cannot find the web page. It seems as if I can still receive, but I
cannot send a request. I have contacted my service provider, and they
cannot figure it out. It seems as if we are still connected to the net
(checked connections and a dialog box says we are still connected). I
cannot figure out if it is a browser problem or a DSL problem. I have
tried using Itunes, Real Audio player,and Windows media player, and
same thing still happens. Eventually we can bring up a web page by
turning DSL on and off, and connecting and discontecting the cables,
but are not sure if these actions solve the problem or the problem
solves itself. At first in my orginal post I thought it had something
to do with my audio cable,but that does seem to be the problem. I have
listened on the net for over a year with no problem. Anyone have any
suggestions? I am also considering a virus.