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DVD power feed to disc motor?????



Jan 1, 1970
Goldstar GBV411 DVD/RW-CD/RW-VHS/RW machine that the DVD motor does not spin
.. . . I did that which I didn't wish to (from a previous post, diff group)
and did cut
one wire on a DVD drive showed resistance. Just to be sure
(cheapo multimeter) I ran 7 vdc (from a model RY controller) and the motor
spun with no problems...
.. . . Now I am in some deep do-do. Anyone have any suggestion(s) on how to
check the small circuit board feeding the drive motor? I pulled and
re-inserted the two small ribbon cables (between the motherboard and DVD
frame) a few times, just to make sure no corosion was in the contacts and
that did not help. I would imagine the narrowest ribbon cable is the
power/control feed, and the widest one is the data cable. The laser tracking
slide moves on its on and the laser is illuminated.
.. . . I have an old Sony VX515 version of this DVD/RW-CD/RW/VHS/RW and I am
using all its functions alot. I am sure my friend would appreciate this one
having its DVD working. Mine is the only machine I own that plays mp-3's.
.. . .in advance. . .thanks to the past help and any further assistance.
.. . . . . .charlie.