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DxxxxxxS-1W (dual twin output)DC-DC CONVERTERS

Fixed input isolated & unregulated 1W twin output SIP package dc/dc
converter, high efficiency up to 83%, it is ideally suited for on-
board distributed power systems to offer 2 isolated Independent

fixed input: 5/ 12/ 24VDC
I/O-Isolation: 1000VDC
twin output: 5/ 9/ 12/ 15VDC
package style: SIP
mechanical: 19.6*6.0*10.0mm
operating temperature: -40 to +85¡ãC
line regulation:1.2%(for input voltage change of 1%)
MTBF > 3.5 Million hours (25)
RoHS compliant

Download Datasheet:
MSN:[email protected]