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Eagle schematic: add IC socket or IC part/IC labelling


Oct 24, 2013
Oct 24, 2013
I'm designing an EPROM adapter board but am confused about which parts to add in the schematic: the actual EPROM in question or the socket which it plugs into?
Also, the same board should accomodate for two different configurations (different EPROM pin counts and slightly different pinouts) but jumpers and sockets long enough should take care of this.
Finally, with overlapping ICs the board labelling gets quite messy -how do I solve that? Also, it might get a little confusing for the schematic with "overlapping" components when in reality my intent is just to accomodate for two possible scenarios.
Here's my board so far:

A brief explanation of what it does:
The lower IC row plugs into a digital drum machine's 2732 or 2764 socket. The topmost row takes a 27512 or 27010. The DIP switch then allows for 16 banks worth of 2732 or 2764 contents.
So the topmost row actually takes a physical EPROM, but the bottom row is empty and plugs into another device. The board shows the 2732 and 2764 EPROMs overlapped, likewise the 27512 and 27010. I do want to have the orientation and pin placement clearly silk-screened, so a better solution would be appreciated.
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