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Early 1970's Radar Range

I own an early 1970's Amana Radar-Range (with the analog dials and all
chrome front). It still works great but the window is all clouded and
dirty inside. I have a replacement I'd like to use. Here's my
problem... I can't remove those "safety" screws they used on the door!
And I can't seem to find any tools that will work either. These are
not regular "safety screws" but look like something specially designed
BY Amana. I plan on replacing them with normal screws if I can just
get the old ones out. Does anybody know where I can find the proper
tool for removing those screws?

Rich Webb

Jan 1, 1970
Thanks Rich.
Geeze, is there anything they don't sell in that catalog? I've
actually bought plenty of things from McMaster-Carr online. Never
received their actual catalog though. It's probably just as well. I'd
be like a kid in a candy store!