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Early Learning Centre keyboard fault.



Jan 1, 1970
My 2 year old grandsons favourite toy, an Early Learning Centre keyboar
has stopped working and he is heartbroken.
On dismantling the thing I found that the on-off / volume contro
switch has developed an intermittent fault. If pressure is applied t
the body of the potentiometer it works fine but remove the pressure an
then nothing.
The switched pot. is a 16mm diameter 10k one with the switch mechanis
exposed on the back so that the switching operation can be easil
I desoldered it and took it to Maplins in Glasgow thinking I would hav
no problem in getting an exact replacement but, of course, nothing i
that simple!!
It seems to be an obsolete type and none of the possible replacements
was shown would fit the circuit board holes and seemed to be a powe
contact short.
Does anyone know where I might find a supplier of apparently obsolet
switched pots. ??
Any help would be greatly appreciated