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Easiest and best etchent for PCBs?


Eric Sears

Jan 1, 1970
Its quite a while since I have etched boards, but when I did so I used
Ferric Chloride (solid) which I mixed to a very strong solution, Often
there might still be a few lumps floating around in the solution.
I used a heat lamp suspended about 150mm from the tray in which the
etching was taking place. Then when it gets started add a little HCl -
but BE CAREFUL; its goes very quickly - almost strips the board in
front of your eyes! And be careful of the fumes.
Its important to keep gently rocking the tray to keep the solutions
Anyway, thats my tuppence-worth. Hope it helps.

Eric from NZ.

John Dough

Jan 1, 1970
Can anyone recommend a good etchant to use for PCB's

I've tried FeCl and the HCL+H20+Hyd. Peroxide (1:2:1)

Both seem to take forever to etch my board (about 30 mins for a 10x10cm
board). After about 30 mins there is still a few areas not etched away, but
by then some of the tracks have already started to etch.

I've also tried warming the solution up - doesn't seem to make that much

Can anyone reommend a faster solutiuon? Or should the above go faster? Are
my parts correct for the HCL+H20+HyPerox.


Tom M

Jan 1, 1970
I've used both Ferric Chloride and Ammonium Persulphate. I never really
liked the Ferric Chloride; it was always too messy for me -- stained
clothes, desks, and tools. I liked Ammoniun Persulpate a lot more. It
doesn't stain clothes or desks, and turns from clear to a nice blue colour
as it's used. The downside to the ammoniun persuphate is that you may
generate ammonia gas if it's heated too much. A safer substitute is Sodium
Persulphate. All three chemicals are from MG Chemicals.