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Edlite Long life LED light board



Jan 1, 1970
Edlite newly invents the LED lamp strip for the slim light box.Our
exclusive backlit LED lamp design is specially for the indoor or
outdoor light boxes by using with or without the light panel.It can
also have the slim outlook but with quality luminous and durable
usage.It use the specially SMT backlight LED.It has the special design
in power control and cooling system for keeping the LAMP long life.

$B"!(BLong life LED Lamp strip

who design the life of the LED slim light box?Please check for the
life span data of LED lamp at first:

It is see that the life of LED lamp is means the working period of LED
lamp,until it is useless.And the life is evaluate in the specifically
condition:20$B!n(B~25$B!n(B.The life of LED lamp is different the life of LED
slim light box.

The life of LED slim ligh box is means the working period of LED slim
ligh box,until the brightness is degradation as 50% of the initial data
(half period).And mostly important,the temperature of the LED lamp/
Bulb which is inside of LED slim light box would be very
high,sometimes it would be up to 85$B!n(B.The high temperature would be
serious degradation the brightness/Lumen of LED lamp/bulb inside of
the LED slim light box.

So,the temperature is mostly design the life of LED slim light box.

Edlite long life lightbos use the special cooling ventilation system
and special power supply.

The life is 10 times than the common LED slim light box.

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