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Effect of and on ambient temperature?

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Jan 1, 1970
Well, that idea was thought of. But the following question arises

1) How do we know we've got exactly 0.11 ohm worth of resistance when
the best multimeter we have, has a base probe resistance of 1.5 ohm

Calculation based on wire specs.
2) What kind of material to use for the wire so that the resistance
won't change drastically as temperature goes up?

There are wire types with very low or even zero tempco.
3) Assuming we found the materials, and wound the wire... how do we
cool it since we can't attach a heatsink to a coil of wire... or can't
see how yet.

First of all, don't wind the wire too tight. Second of all, you are
already using a fan. Third of all, the wire, depending on type, can be
allowed to get MUCH hotter than the resistor. Note that this isn't true if
you will be operating in a potentially flammable atmosphere.
The problems won't be so bad if we could figure out how to produce a
compensating circuit that monitors the current draw and switches
on/off another load. But none of my experiments on an opamp circuit is
working out on EWB :(

It may be time to start a new thread and recap exactly what you are trying
to accomplish.