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Efficiency of Sola Constant Voltage Transformer?

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Mark & Mary Ann Weiss

Jan 1, 1970

The Islatran looks like it might just do the job. Presumably very low loss,
as the inductors are high impedance at the spike frequencies, not the line
frequency. Many layers of protection. Looks like a good find!

Always try to get rid of the interference right at the source.
So buy a heavy duty Sola CVT for the generator so it can
handle the current. The rest is all patch-work. There is no
free lunch while doing business, less one receives a forgivable
government grant, everything cost money. So you'll have to
throw some real money into it or learn to live with the situation
the way it is....

Yeah, I know. But I'm charged with finding solutions in an almost zero
budget. :)
The large CVT at the generator was something I gave a thought to, but again,
the generator would never run economically, as when all the a/c is off and
we have just lights and computers running. The CVT would be loading the
generator when it had no load or miniscule load on its output.

Today, a Seasonic power supply arrived, and I installed it in the PC that
was rebooting when the UPS switches over on medium sensitivity setting. I
did repetitive testing of interrupting power to the UPS and the PC just kept
running like nothing was happening to the power. So the large Seasonic
supply has enough storage capacity to holdover through the switchover.

Another nice benefit is that the current draw dropped by over 40%, as
measured on a variac/current meter test set that we used to use for
measuring power supplies at Penril/Technipower Corp years ago. Since part of
my objective is to cut our electric costs, the switch to Seasonic S series
PSUs will go a long way to realizing our goal of energy efficiency.
(Seasonic is a PF-corrected PSU with a very high eff. rating, approaching
83%) It also runs cool. The old supply could be used as a space heater. :)

I am going to order another Seasonic S series supply for the other graphics
workstation. If cutting 8 amperes down to 4.5 amperes will save us money,
then the price is worth the investment.

Best Regards,

Mark A. Weiss, P.E.