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Electronics Noob - Simple project


Apr 17, 2013
Apr 17, 2013

I want to help my son get into electronics and I wanted to start off with a simple project. I recently purchased 24" Foam Creeper from the game "Minecraft". In the game, this Creeper uses an iconic sound of a fuse burning, then... BOOM!
Sadly, the 24" Foam Creeper has no sound Fx. I wanted to gather the basic components and tools necessary to give my son's Creeper it's missing sound Fx, while at the same time sparking his interest in electronics. I figure I would need the following items:
* Some type of basic chipset that can playback .wav or .mp3 files
* A simple speaker (<5 Watts) + recessed speaker grill
* A standard push button
* Battery connector
* Some type of transformer?
* Necessary wiring

The Creeper's body is basically a rectangle made of foam. Dimensions are approximately 16" Height / 7.5" Width / 4 " Depth. My intention is to cut out a cavity on the underside of it's body. Then mount the chipset with attached battery & speaker closing it all up with a speaker cover. I would then insert the push button in the Creepers naval (drilled previously to intersect with the body cavity and connect it to the chipset. Ideally, it would then play the aforementioned sound file any time the button was depressed.

Does anyone have any advice as to the most effective (yet not too pricy) components for this project and the best place to get them from? And, it needs to produce as little heat as possible to keep the foam from catching fire.

Also, I need this to be kept as simple this as possible (I prefer connector pins to saudering kind of simple), but any tips, recommendations, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you