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Embedded web server with ENC28J60 + Atmega328


Aug 31, 2010
Aug 31, 2010
I mounted a HanRun HR911105A RJ45 MagJack to the SparkFun breakout board:
SparkFun Electronics - RJ45 Ethernet MagJack Breakout
for MagJack and using ENC28J60 and Arduino with Atmega328 chip managed to implement an example web server.

I used this tutorial:
Ethernet Shield :, Arduino Freeduino projects

After finishing with the hardware, I programmed Arduino with "ethershield_ping.pde" example from that tutorial.

Now when I connect Ethernet cable to MagJack, the laptop (on Win XP) don't detect any connection right at once. I have the standard ip set from the example "", and if I set my laptop network address to something like (both ip and gateway), then a network is recognized, BUT anyway pinging returns "request timed out". When connecting the cable even without the network being recognized, the green LED of link goes on and stays on. When pinging, it starts to blink (after each "request timed out"). The yellow LED never goes on!

Could you please guide me out of this situation? :)