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EPROM programmer adapters


Dead Druid

Jan 1, 1970
I've recently bought a Data I/O System 19 EPROM programmer, which came with
some adapters. Can you tell me how to use them? They are:

o "702-1072 plugin adapter", with paper label: 910-1417B
o "702-1073 plugin adapter", with paper label: 910-1416-1G
o "Intel 8751 adapter module", labelled: PBA 162697-003 REV D
o "8748 adaptor", labelled: PWA 1000715 010

Please note:
o "adaptor" is not my spelling, it's written this way on the board.
o The first two adapters do not fit in a "standard" 28 pin ZIF socket, as
the two rows of pins are too far apart, and there are mounting pillars
between the rows!
o The two Intel adapters could fit in a standard 24 or 28 pin ZIF (I
didn't count the pins).

Any help appreciated.